Ray - Director, Financial Services Company Recommends Louis T. Wierenga

After spending a career in the corporate world I decided to take up the initiative to establish my own business. The thought of building your own company to many is daunting enough but to do it correct you spend time to bring together talent that has similar values (trust, honesty, hard work, attention to details, knowledge, and integrity to name of few) to assist you in the building process. 

In working with Lou I found an attorney that assisted us very well and was able to present me with various business scenarios that would work with our company. Everything Lou did was precise as he would complete his research and due diligence on each topic and offer me different options available to the company. In areas that he was not completely familiar with, through our brief discussions and conversation he would gather a good understanding of the business models we were seeking and move the process forward. 

His ability to maintain confidential client information, honesty and integrity in large and small situations and his abilities as a team player are all qualities that may make him stand out.

– Ray - Director, Financial Services Company