Real Estate Transactions

Our Skilled Lawyers Will Make This Process Easier

Real estate transactions involve a unit of property being transferred between two or more parties, as when people buy and sell a house or business property. It can be incredibly complicated because of the complexity of property rights being transferred, the amount of money exchanged, and the addition of federal and state taxes and regulations.

Our skilled real estate attorneys can help. We will thoroughly review your situation and ensure the sale or purchase of your new home or property goes without a hitch.

Types of Transactions

Real estate and property law is an incredibly broad subject. If you are involved in the purchase or sale of a piece of property, it's important you aren't looking over important details that could save you a lot of money. Likewise, there are other considerations to make before you decide to finalize the deal. For example, all real estate sales are governed by the general principles of contract law. If the real estate in question isn't marketable, or the seller doesn't have proof of title to the property he or she is selling, an attorney can help you avoid a huge financial pitfall by pointing this deficit out.

Our attorneys can help you with the following aspects of real estate transactions:

  • Drafting/ reviewing your sales contract
  • Reviewing your lending documents
  • Researching and clearing title
  • Conducting your real estate closing
  • Addressing easement questions and other restrictions